Today. It was his birthday. This is the day I would’ve called my dad early, we would’ve got together and celebrated him being an old man. We would’ve laughed together & he would have squeezed us all to death with a hug so hard that we could barely breathe. My heart longs to feel that hug. He was 45 when he left this earth. Today. A childhood friend and family members will gather to make the arrangements. They will decide when and where to lay her daddy to rest after a hard fought battle with cancer. They will prepare to live life without him. My heart aches for them. Today. Another childhood friend will wake up and realize she isn’t dreaming. Her son passed away in a car accident yesterday. He will not go back to high school on Monday, he won’t flash that beautiful smile for everyone to see down here on earth again. He was just a young boy with lots of life left to live. My heart is breaking for her and my hometown who is hurting with her. Today. Thousands of years ago. Death thought it had won. Mary was weeping. The disciples were lost and confused. Satan thought he had won. It looked like all hope was lost. Many hearts were troubled. But then Sunday came. Sunday is coming soon for all of us. What he did on Sunday changes the circumstances of every thing that is happening TODAY. Only one thing is certain in this life, we will leave this earth at some point in time. Today. Make certain you know the importance of Sunday. Because He lives, I can face tomorrow and the next and the next. I hope you can say that too. Choose him today. Don’t just say you know Jesus. Really KNOW Jesus and live for him. Today. Love. Choose love and choose to tell others about Sunday. For if you hesitate, it might be too late. And pray. Pray for God to light up your path with people to love, pray for your walk with Christ to be stronger than ever. Pray for the lost, the hopeless. Pray for these families and others who are still feeling deaths sting, who are still in the process of healing from terrible tragedies. One thing is certain, God didn’t intend for us to live in this heartache. Satan did. And he thinks he has won again. But he is wrong. Because I know Sunday is coming. John 3:16 “For God so Loved the World, he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”